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Bahamian Artist of the Month, Bodine  Johnson

ChocQuib Town

    Int'l Artist of the Month

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By Island FM, Feb 3 2015 02:35PM

How dangerous is disappointment? If people don’t get what they want in life, what should their response be? And if we get a portion of the dream, is that even worth celebrating? These are the questions Bahamian playwright Patrice Francis explores in her new play, “A Longing Fulfilled.” The family drama, set in Southeast Alabama, highlights 10-year old Eli Guthrie’s attempts to connect with his father, Jocquin ,whocovets his freedom above all. Thrown into the mix is Jocquin’s mastermind mother, played by Francis, who has her own fixed ideas of what he should do with his life and responsibilities. The play, directed by Erin T. Knowles, is the debut performance for Patrick Farquharson (Eli). Veteran actor Sean Nottage, Bruno Barr, SenobiaSabala and newcomer Tania Delmonte also perform. “A Longing Fulfilled” opens Friday, February 6th and runs for four nights including: Saturday, February 7th, and Friday and Saturday, February 13th and 14th at the DundasBlackbox Theatre. Tickets are $25 and can be reserved by calling 364–5234, 429-2432 or by emailing [email protected] The play’sbox office at the Dundas opens Monday, February 2nd.

By Island FM, Jan 29 2015 09:40PM

Chase Carter, International Bahamian model has wowed the stages of major fashion shows around the world and now, Chase takes her modeling expertise to sporting apparel guru Nike as she made the cover of the nike Woman's Spring Style Guide that is seen world wide. Congratulations Chase!

By Island FM, Jan 29 2015 04:29PM

Tune in with a very special Tradewinds Show on Friday (February 6th) as So$a Man is coming over to the Island to hang out with Tammy.

With is brand new, track "Patrol", you can catch a LIVE performance from So$a on February 7th, 2015 at Volumes Music Bar as he showcases Love in the Future

By Island FM, Jan 26 2015 03:21PM

Island FM was honored to have in our studio Richard Gregory Stubbs "Hanna" the son of one of the greatest voices of the Bahamas the late Richie Delamore. Pictured from left to right in the back row is his mother Ms. Jean Hanna, Peanuts Taylor, Richard Gregory Stubbs Jr. "Hanna", his wife Suzanne Hanna, Charles Carter and Malcolm McKay. In the front row is Richie Delamore's grandchildren Sean and Rachael Hanna.

What an un-forgettable day here at Island FM 102.9. Richard also received phone calls while on air from siblings he did not know he had. That was definitely an AWWW! moment and we are so happy that we were able to make this day a memorable one for this family.

By Island FM, Jan 26 2015 03:12PM

DMAC'S album Party Zone is now available at the Island F.M. Music Store. Own your copy of Island FM's Artist of the year for just $17.00 (inclusive of VAT). Call 322-8826 for details.


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