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With a combination of old school and new school Bahamian artists, the Artist Pages on Island FM’s website seek to educate people about the traditional forms of Bahamian music as well as the new genres explored by the newer artists. Remember … it’s not just good music … it’s OUR music!  


Clay Adderley, whois better recognized as Q-Pid is known the “Young Old Man’ and is considered the baby of the traditional style of Bahamian music called Rake n Scrape. Hailing from Hawkins Hill; the Nassau native attended Palmdale Primary and later enrolled in The Government High School in 2000; this was where he earned the nickname Q-Pid. The admittedly shy Q-Pid has always had a fond interest in music and at a very early age began to take his pick of musical instruments to play. Of these instruments he took a liking to the Violin, Trombone, Baritone, Saxophone and his most favorite the Trumpet.  After graduating from The Government High School, Clay attended The College of the Bahamas where he studied formal Classic Music here in the Bahamas as well as played in a numerous amount of bands including the National Orchestra. Evolving into his love for music he joined forced with veteran Bahamian musician Ira Storr a.k.a Strings; who is recognized as one of the best producers and musician through-out the Bahamas.  Q-Pid also admires the music of the late Tony McKay, Phil Stubbs, Eddie Minnis and was taught to read and write music by Edward Hanna. He was also taught by Errol “The Duke” Strachan, Chris & Yonell Justilien of the National Orchestra.  Being inspired by all genres of music and taking the sound of the ins and outs of the music industry from Ira Storr, Isaiah Taylor (Baha Men member), Geno D, and Kenyon McDonald he produced his first hit single in 2011 called “Bus Driver” which speaks about the public transportation system in the Bahamas. Soon to follow up the “Bus Driver” single was his second release “Church and Bar” which depicts a common trend on various street corners in the Bahamas of a church and a bar were often side by side on street corners.   Q-Pid released his third single called D. E. A (Drink Every Afternoon) early 2012 and is set to record an album later this year. This fresh new face of Rake N Scrape hopes to make the Rake n Scrape style relevant again in Bahamian music and hopes one day to be as successful as veteran Bahamian Artist Ancient Man and the godfather of Bahamian music Ronnie Butler in this traditional genre of Bahamian music.

Rafael Munnings & The Beginning of the End

Clay Adderley

Established in 1969 and influenced by the pop culture that was vibrant in the United States, The Beginning of the End consisted of three brothers, Raphael, Leroy and Frank Munnings, and a fourth member, Fred Henfield, on bass. Their only hit, “Funky Nassau” debuted on the Billboard 100 chart at 94, peaked at 15 and remained on the charts for 14 weeks in 1971. Under the direction of Alston Records (a subsidiary of Atlantic Records), they produced the album entitled “Funky Nassau”. The single “Funky Nassau – Part 1” made its way on the Billboard Black Singles chart reaching #7, hit #15 on the Billboard Hot 100 and the same track reached #31 in the UK singles chart in March of 1974. Managed by the famous Don Taylor who also managed T-Connection and Bob Marley, they joined forced with Bahamian icon Freddie Munnings Sr. who at the time owned and ran “The Cat & Fiddle Nightclub” giving the Munnings brothers the chance to perform with International acts like Nat King Cole, Count Basie, Flip Wilson and other musicians in the 50’s and 60’s.Their only live performance was in 1971 at the University of Miami at the invitation of the Bahamian students studying there. In 1974, they released a new album called “Beginning of the End”. This album didn’t quite take off like the “Funky Nassau Album”. They remained in the musical circuit performing at local clubs and on promotional trips for the Ministry of Tourism.  Funky Nassau spoke about the current social climate in Nassau at the time. “Mini-skirts, maxi shirts and afro headed dudes, people doing their own thing, they don’t care bout me or you” (lyrics from the song Funky Nassau) The song was heard in the Blues Brothers 2000 movies and recorded by stars such as Eryka Badu, Joe Morton, Dan Akroyd and the Blues Brother Band.The artistic freedom embraced by these young innovators in the late sixties would appear to prove that uniqueness will stand up against the test of time.

rafael munnings

Born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, Rik Carey is the son of a very popular songstress, Portia Nottage, and a very well respected guitarist, Pat Carey.  It was destined for music to play a very major roll in his life. As soon as his father placed a pair of drum sticks in his hands at the age of four, Ric started to play on a bunch of pots and pans.  That is when his family realized that his future was music. Throughout his development, he worked to establish a career in The Bahamas as a drummer for local bands and a producer for local studios, working with numerous young and upcoming talents.  He went on to take his music to another level, landing a spot as the lead vocalist for the world famous BAHA-MEN in 2000.  Rik quickly developed into a young International recording artist and producer. During this period, he and the BAHA-MEN toured all across the globe, performing their albums and gaining great success with the now famous, "Who Let the Dogs Out."  To this day, the song is still heard and loved by masses all over the world. Selling more than 7 million records world-wide, more than 3 million in USA, "Who Let the Dogs Out"  earned Rik and the BAHA-MEN the Grammy award for "Best Dance Recording” in 2000, 2 Billboard awards for "World Music Album” of 2000 and “World Music Song” of 2000, 2 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards for favorite band. When not travelling around the world performing, Rik can be found at several recording studios in Nassau, Bahamas where he does most of his production with local and international artists.

Rik Carey

rik carey

Quentin Glover, better known by his stage name R.A.P.P Quelle was born in Nassau, Bahamas to parents that both had a love for music. Finding his passion for the arts’ at an early age, after graduating high school he began as a photographer for newspapers and local photo labs. For a while it was fun for him but something just didn’t click; there was a feeling like there was something more he should be doing. It was then he put his focus on his music and the phenomenon that was created was R.A.P.P QUELLE. With a musical style that can only be described as Roots Rap and Hip Hop, Quelle is inspired by all genres of music such as Rakim, Bob Dylan, Tupac Shakur, Robert Nesta Marley, Incubus, Al Jarreau, Lauryn Hill, Alanis Morissette, John Coltrane, Jay Z and Roberta Flack. At home, his Bahamian artists are Tony “Exuma” McKay”, Blind Blake and Pat Rahming. With his neo/Tony McKay style of music. He quickly caught on with Bahamians and with it hopes to fans for a “Bahamian Revolutionary”.  His first appearance on stage was in 2003 at Club Ecstasy performing his song “Truth”. Since that first appearance he has since produced three mix tapes "Gorilla in Tims: The Leak", "Abstract Art: Quelle's World Vol.1", "After the Art: #WEAREUP Vol.1" and numerous singles such as "The Truth", "Have Mercy" - Ky-mani Marley Feat. R.A.P.P. Quelle "80's Back” "Lay Lay Babies”, “All The Way Up", "Fresh Out the Pool".  With his accomplishments so far, Quelle is looking forward to reaching the next level of his artistry



The godfather of Bahamian music, Ronnie Butler has spent over fifty years in Bahamian music.  He has won numerous awards including two awards from Baha Men, one award from the Bahamas Music and Entertainers Union, Ministry of Tourism Awards, Bahamas Goombay Summer Awards, College of the Bahamas Union students award, CEO Network Media and Entertainment Award and the Love 97 Hall of Fame Award.  Butler was first inspired by fellow Bahamian artist Joseph Spence. According to Ronnie, Spence was the first real musician and it was because of his guitar playing that Ronnie was inspired to become a performer. He is also inspired by George Symonette and Blind Blake, as well as King Eric & his Knights.


Ronnie started off as a carpenter/mason before he began on the road to musical stardom. He learned to play to guitar from a Trinidadian man he worked with during his time as a carpenter. Soon after, they received jobs where the Trinidadian sang and Butler played the maracas. Most famous for his hit song “Burma Road” and the fourteen albums under his belt,  Ronnie Butler is an icon and role model for new, up and coming Bahamian talents.

Ronnie Butler

ronnie butler

Sammi Starr got his start in music at the early age of 3 years old, when he would travel to gospel concerts with his father, Rev. Oswald Poitier, who was a popular gospel artist in the mid 80s.  Sammi would also listen to records all day as his father played them and pull out pots and pans, playing them as drums and singing and dancing all through the kitchen.  His father bought him his first drum set when he was 4 and Sammi, to his father's amazement, within hours and with no training, began playing them skillfully. Sammi Starr's upbringing was mainly through the church. He was a Minister's son, and was the drummer and keyboard player as well as lead singer for the Youth Choir.  His parents were stern and didn't allow him to attend many parties and social events. His social life mainly revolved around church, school and family.   His first ever recording was in the early 90's when he entered the ZNS Song writing competition at 11 years old.  Sammi Starr's inspiration is definitely Michael Jackson, the world's greatest entertainer. Since childhood, Sammi could do all of his moves and was dubbed lil' Michael.  Also, his father, Ottis Redding, Sam Cooke, Elton John, Daryl Coley, Celine Dion, Brian McKnight, Bob Marley and more recently, Jay Z, Usher, Beyonce, Kanye West, Faith Evans,  Timbaland, R. Kelly, Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, The Clark Sisters among others.  Sammi Starr's first performance as Sammi Starr was in Nassau, Bahamas at the former Club Envy at a Make Em' Listen production that featured "Tada".

Sammie Star

sammie starr

Born and raised in the beautiful tranquil isles of The Bahamas, in the capital city of Nassau - Christopher Marcus Carey, began singing at the tender age of 5 yrs. old and was absolutely fascinated by the multi- talented "King of Pop" Michael Jackson. Christopher couldn't wait to make the world his stage and music his name! His love for the arts quickly became his passion and Christopher "SKETCH" Carey, would find himself enthralled in a zone that only a true artist can appreciate. Make no mistake about it, singer, songwriter, producer, dancer, and artist, SKETCH is multi-talented -- playing the guitar, drums and piano.

A second generation Musician and Entertainer, SKETCH hails from a heritage of highly skilled, world renowned artists. His father and brother, both of the Grammy Award-winning group, BAHAMEN (“Who Let The Dogs Out”), maximized their potentials in music and have become the ultimate success story. The legacy continues with SKETCH, as he embarks on his new journey in the United States. Since his move to the U.S. in 2010, SKETCH has worked with some of the biggest artists and producers in the Music Industry. While garnering respect from artists, producers, publishers and record companies alike, SKETCH is preparing for his much anticipated career in the Music Industry. With hundreds of tracks to his credit, the word is out, and SKETCH is quickly becoming an international household name. He has written for himself as well as many other successful Bahamian artist such as:

Ncity - Like Me, Dancing In The Rain, Leaving You

Angelique Sabrina - Speaker Box

FourEver1 -  FourEver1, Life Of The Party, Don't Hold Back, Back Door, High With The Wind

Tada - No One Else

Garnel Storr - You & Me, On The Radio

Trigga - Get Crazy, That Good

Barz Noble - Let it Go

Break Through - Make Her Say

Cazna Hinds - All Because Of You Ft Sketch Carey

Dash - Greatest ShowSakinah - I Miss, You Once Knew, Used To Love Me

Jay King - L.O.V.E

Saniyah D - Treatment, Candy, GoGo

Sosa Man - Guarantee Ft Sketch Carey

Sketch Carey ft Sammi Starr & Sosa Man - Fade To Black

KC - Our Love

Proda J - Strong Woman

K Jae - Put It Down Ft Sketch Carey, Make Her Say

Rudell - Thats Why, Lets Make A Way

Sketch Carey - My Candidate, Your Love, Make Me Say, Once Upon A Time

Sketch Carey, Cj Priest & Sammi Starr - Pick me


Sketch Carey

With a style influenced by reggae legends such as Jimmy Cliff, Black Mice, Super Cat, Ninja Man, Terry Ganzie, and the illustrious Buju Banton, Mr. Yagga Yo is someone who embodies versatility and has set himself apart from any of these musical power houses by proving he is just as powerful musically.  “Spooks”, as he was known as during his days in high school, played on the music school piano and desktop computer as he sharpened his skills in free styling. He further fine-tuned his vocals and musical skills by joining the choir when he went attended high school in Virginia. It was there he began to evolve musically. Upon his departure from high school he moved to North Carolina and began a career as a radio personality and disc jockey. During this time, he continued working on his craft as a musician and later changed his name from Spooks to Mr. Yagga Yo. He joined a group of men called “Fire Storm Crew” who were following the same path. Together they released “Ganja Song” which was a hit on the local airways giving the listeners a fresh new sound. He and the Fire Storm Crew together have opened for acts such as Sean Paul, TOK and Sasha. As a solo Artist he released tracks like “Wah She Beg Mi Fah”, “Lovely Day”, “Nah Waan See It” feat. CJ Priest and “I know Jah” feat. Peter Runks. It’s been a few years since Mr. Yagga Yo has graced the stages but this true genius listens, watches and plans a very timely return.

So Stunning Mr. Yagga Yo


The History of So$a Man proves that an artist can still start from ground zero and rise to independent success.  Over the past 5 years, So$a Man has released 8 mix tape/albums, organized over 20 successful independent events with major sponsors and opened for top-selling international artists including Bobby Valentino, Buju Banton & Lil Wayne.  Although his career has just begun, he has already made Bahamian music history by becoming the first Bahamian Hip Hop artist to receive video play on the Caribbean network Tempo.  He continues to receive video play with his video releases “Shawty” & “We Winnin”.

So$a Man has become a regular face in the local newspapers, with over 25 features in the various publications during his short career.  Knowing the importance of international experience, So$a Man has performed in Halifax, Canada, Tampa, Florida, Nashville, Tennessee, and Orlando, Florida.  Then in 2007, veteran local production team STypz signed So$a Man to an artist development contract.  During this development period, So$a Man and label mate M-Deez have taken local radio by storm releasing 5 radio singles over the course of 2008 and 2009, 3 of which reached local number one status.  In 2010, Sosa had his biggest release to date 'iDream'.  The release stayed #1 in this region for 17 weeks.

Although history has taught us that no one MAN is an island, in this case, So$a Man has defied this rule by becoming the Man of the Bahamian islands. Now it's time to take it to the WORLD!  

So$A Man - Brandon Major


Lemuel Smith Jr., was born February 22, 1962 in Bailey Town. Beginning at Bimini All Age School, he continued onto Miami Killian Rogers where he completed High School. At the age of seven he made his debut performance at Zion Baptist Church and continued to perform until the age of ten.  It was there he learned and practiced playing the guitar and took music lessons at the age of twelve.


Before he hit the road to fame, he was a mason. Shortly thereafter, from 1992-1998, he began playing in the local Bimini Clubs and went pro during the late 90’s. He is known for hits such as “You Got me Thinking”, “Crisis Time, “Love your Mama”, “Wine Up on Me” and a slew of albums like “Gone to Jail without Bail”, “Hold me Squeeze me”, Hold your Head”, and “Wine Up on me”. Being inspired by television matinees, Stevie hopes to perform and sell albums abroad. His goal is to become more internationally based.

Stevie S

Stileet remains one of the Bahamas’ most popular, well grounded and well-rounded recording artists. Hailing from Inagua, Stileet is a singer, co-producer, song writer and multi-instrumentalist who describes his rake n scrape style of music as party music and world music. In addition to his musical talents, he also has equal passion for the performing arts having appeared in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” parts 2 and 3 (2005) and “Way of the Dolphin” (2006).

Stileet has performed in hundreds of concerts across the Caribbean and remains a crowd favorite.  His smooth, vibrant and electric style has catapulted him to national prominence. Influenced by legendary Exuma the Obeah Man, Tony McKay, Eddie Minnis and Macfarlane Gregory, Stileet made his debut in 2007 at an Inagua Fund Raiser held in Freeport with his first single off of the Yea Ya See Vol. 1 album "Pie".

Since jumping into the Bahamian music scene he has gone on to produce an incredible line up of albums and hit singles like Bahama Mama, Fa Sure, Oh Anna, We Rakin’ N We Scrapin’,Saxon & Da Valley-Junkanoo, Suitcase, Everybody Love Rake N Scrape,Vacation Rest, The Lord Is Good, Hail Me Mama, and Wine ya Boongie.

After Releasing  a Vol. 2 of the "Yea Ya See" album , in 2011 he produced another album called Bahamian Tempo. Stileet has remained in high demand as one of the top Bahamian artists since he debut in 2007. He has performed at several festivals, and made appearances at many private functions and concerts throughout the Bahamas, showcasing his talent at the Solid Gold Club in Abaco, the Inagua Salty Festival, Harbour Island Regatta, Atlantis Paradise Island Christmas parties, as well as the Home Coming Festival in Eleuthera.



Terez admits she does not have just one favorite Bahamian Artist. She says that she sees something special in all of them.  For example, she loves the way Geno D writes his lyrics and the way K.B and Funky D perform on stage. Enjoying the sounds of fellow artists and family members Anwar Rolle and Tony Seymour Jr., Terez also favors the voices of Sweet Emily and Priscilla Rollins.

Born March 28, 1964 in Nassau to Lorraine and Patrick Hepburn, Terez’ first performance was in 1984 at the Cabaret Theatre. This served to be very easy for her because she was familiar with the stage due to her prior experience in modeling and dancing. With voice lessons from Ernie Scott of New York, who also coached a young Whitney Houston in her career, Terez went on to win two Bahamian Grammy Awards for Best Song and Best Female Entertainer.  In the early 90’s, Hepburn toured the U. S as a part of the Bob Marley Memorial Concert

T'Rez Hepburn

Trez Hepburn

TADA has always had a passion for music beginning at a very early age. She’s been writing and singing for as long as she can remember, taking part in small groups and choirs. She made her decision to go solo in 1998 and in 2002 TADA exploded. Four time Marlin Award winner, TADA appeared on major TV Shows such as BET’s “The Source” and Tempo. She has also opened for artists such as Bow Wow, Bebe Winans and Carl Thomas. Holding the record for most nominations for an artist in the 2000 and 2004 Caribbean Music Marlin Awards, she also has music in international films and television. Since her debut she has released three albums, I’m That Girl, F5 & Sanctigroove.


tada-florence milianpic

Macfarlane Gregory Anthony Mackey also known as the Obeah Man is recognized for his almost unclassifiable music; a strong mixture of carnival, junkanoo, calypso and ballad. In his early days in New York's Greenwich Village, Tony McKay (his self-given name) performed in small clubs and bars. Later, along with his then-partner and lifelong friend, Sally O'Brien, and several musician friends, Tony launched EXUMA, a 7 person group that toured and recorded albums, starting with Exuma: The Obeah Man in 1970 and ending with Rude Boy in 1986. His songs along with his lyrics went heavily into detail with Obeah. His backing band known only as the Junk Band has included names such as Sally O'Brien, Bogie, Lord Wellington, Villy, Mildred Vaney, Frankie Gearing, Diana Claudia Bunea, and his good friend Peppy Castro.

Tony McKay


Veronica Bishop, an entertainer for over 34 years, was born in Nassau, October 19, 1958. After the passing of her parents, she, along with her siblings, moved to Cat Island to live with their grand-parents. This is where she received her early education. Always having an interest in music and being an entertainer, her grandmother exposed her to music at her club, the Blue Bird Club in Cat Island, where her uncle played the accordion and a man by the name of Chippie played the goat skinned drum. Early one March when Veronica was ten years old, she was asked to take part in a Christmas play later that year performing the song “Silent Night”. By the time August came around, she had already begun to practice. In December, when it was time for the play, she sang so well that she was asked to sing the song three times that night.  As a teenager seeking employment in the early 1970’s, the fifteen year old Veronica decided to leave Cat Island and return to Nassau, gaining employment at a Chicken Farm on Gladstone Rd. During the mid-70’s she was employed as a waitress at what was then called “The Fishnet”. Growing up she had always been inspired by the sounds of what she classes as “soulful music”. Veronica truly felt an artistic connection with artists like Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklyn and fellow Bahamian artist Eloise Louis. In 1977, Great Harbor Cay was where she made her debut performing her favorite song “Quando Quando”. With a style that can only be described as Calypso and Goombay music, Bishop went on to produce four albums, “Woman will Rule” in 1999, “Don’t be the Other Woman” in 2000 and “Tell Ole I aint here” in 2006 and “Another Man done Gone”.    These days along with keyboard player Raymond Bethel, she makes her appearances at the Atlantis Hotel in popular spots such as the Coral Lounge, Dragon’s Lounge and Plato’s. Veronica is still delighting her listeners with her unique Caribbean sound.

Veronica Bishop


The Illest Reggae Band is a twisted amalgamation of aggressive roots, rock and dub-style reggae fused with their maniac blend of rock, ska, reggae, hip hop, r&b and jazz alike.  Fronted by Willis Knowles and the soulful wailing of Mandisa Kerr, the band continues bridging the gap of music, people and culture through original songs and countless covers.  Known for their energetic, uplifting performances, The Illest is poised to take their message of acceptance, love and I-nity to audiences everywhere. The Illest is a band that is steadily on the rise because these talented musicians are passionate entertainers with a natural driving force and they know how to light up a stage.  With 2+ hours of original music and countless covers, The Illest has delivered more than 625 performances in the past 3 ½  years at top venues in including: Atlantis, Albany, Compass Point, Hard Rock Cafe, Luna, Ocean Club, Old Fort Bay and Waterloo Club easily drawing crowds of 230+ at each show. The group also opened for Beenie Man and an Aerosmith tribute band, Aerosmith.

Willis & The Illest Band