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With a combination of old school and new school Bahamian artist, Artist Pages on Island FM’s website seeks to educate persons about the traditional forms of Bahamian music as well as the new genres explored by the newer artist. It’s not just music; it’s our music.

Freddie Munnings

Fredrick Alfred Munnings, born October 20, 1921 in Pure Gold, Andros he then overcame his speech impediment and became a Bahamian legend. After the death of his father during a devastating hurricane, Freddie He began his career in electronics and stone masonry and would have continued that path had not fate intervened. At the age of 17 FM as he was known, accompanied a friend to a band rehearsal where the lead singer was a “no show”. It was then where his friend convinced him to sing for the group and was an instant hit.


This was the beginning of his illustrious career in music. He then did regular stints at Zanzibar, Spider Web and the Silver Slipper where his orchestra performed for many years. Freddie later enrolled into Trinity College of London to study music formally.  In 1949, he became one of the founding members of the Bahamas Musicians’ and Entertainers Union to promote the interest of other Bahamian musicians and entertainers.


Freddie Munnings Jr.

Born to a musical genius Freddie Munnings Sr. and mother Mavis Corine Farrington; Freddie Munnings Jr. was born February 2, 1949 destined to follow in the footsteps of his father into the world of music. He received his education at Aquinas College in Nassau where he studied music with Andrew Carey, then ventured into Florida where he continued to a higher education at Florida Memorial College where he majored in business, as well as Barry University where he enrolled in a post graduate program. During these years he took part in several professional groups such as the Youth Foreman Playhouse & the Professional Theatre for Actors.


Passionate about his music he first performed at the Miami Beach Circuit in 1971 in Miami Beach, Florida. Since then professionally he has performed at several International Hotels and Resorts on Paradise Island during the 1970’s. With the inspiration of his father and brother: Freddie Munnings Sr & Raphael Munnings, as well as fellow Bahamian musicals Wendell Stuart and Tony “Obeah Man” McKay he went on to produce  two albums, “All the best things” and “Dreamer Man” .


In his most recent projects he along with Peter Bates formed “Sunflowers Organization” which was originally a tribute to Bates’ daughter who was lost to cancer. This organization helps with persons who are in a crisis and have lost a loved one due to illness. Freddie has also become a judge for the Bahamian Junkanoo parade which is known well wide and coordinated a summer parade called Junkanoo in June. His awards include: The Junior Achievement Appreciation Award for Artist of the year, best male vocalist in 1997, from Aquinas College he received the Lifetime Achievement for Alumni Awards, Freddie also received a Rotarian of the Year Award for the year 1995 -1996 and the Timothy Award for song of the year.


Gerry Deveaux

Self-described as disciplined and hardworking, Gerry is also known for his producing, singing and songwriting. Gerry also got hit with the acting bug making an appearance on American TV soap opera “ All My Children”. He credits his success in the entertainment to famous Aunt Roxy Roker who was known for her role as Helen on the popular 70’s sitcom “The Jefferson’s”. Deveaux says it was her that taught him the ins and outs of the entertainment industry.


Since signing with Warner brothers over fifteen years ago he has since created his very own music company called Bahama Rhythm Music working with artist such as Madonna, Lee Ryan, Lenny Kravitz, Chaka Khan, Angie Stone and Kylie Minogue. Gerry has also produced music for popular TV shows like “The Sopranos” and “Friends”.  His aspiration is to continue to represent the Bahamas and to someday become a Bahamian ambassador to the United States.




Raymond John, born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas is a self-taught guitarist and has been writing and composing music for over eleven years. Describing his music as “soul music”, John breaks down his music into a reggae fusion with hip-hop and R&B.  He is influenced by Life, Love, Truth and giving praises to the most high. Upon his departure from high school, he began to perform at local poetry readings and in coffee shops. In 1998 he formed a band called “Uprising” consisting of a drummer, bass player and two guitarists.


His first performance was at a local club, The Next Level, and weekend gigs at a downtown Nassau club named Mangoes soon followed. He, along with the band, opened for various popular reggae artists such as Capelton, Jr. Reed and Tanya Stephens at a local concert in 1998 called “Peace on the Streets”. Due to lack of paid gigs and support for artists in the Bahamas, soon afterwards the band split up.  


It was then that I Rate moved to Canada to record in his brother’s newly build studio. Months passed as he and his brother spent many hours in the studio working on the album “Burn Babylon Burn”, which is a mixture of reggae and hip hop. This fueled the brothers to create their very own record label called Jah Love Live Records. The first track from that album was “Keep the Joy” which was released in 2001 .


Being very disappointed by the lack of Bahamian support for local artists, I Rate took a five year break from music and began to shift his focus to writing songs. During this five year hiatus, he started to see a change in Bahamian music and noticed that Bahamian artists were getting the positive feed-back that they deserved. It was then that he decided to pick up where he left off five years before.


With the help of Trez Allen of Freeport, Bahamas they agreed on the name I Rate and, along with producer Ashanti Carey, went on to produce his first single as a solo act called “Cyan Rule/Cyan Cool” that was released in April of 2008. Five months later, also with hot shot producer Ashanti Carey, he produced his second single “I Believe” with producer Patrick “Dreddy Star”Carey Jr. With a tremendous amount of new found support for Bahamians, he has made major radio appearances and headlines many local shows and International Concerts.


Though he has had a long journey, I Rate continues to perform and remain firm in his faith in the Most High Jah. His hope is to touch hearts with his music.



Reggae artist describes his lyrics as revolutionary, entertaining, provoking and spiritual. The Nassau native, Jah Doctrine, has skillfully fused dancehall, reggae and hip hop mixed with a Bahamian flavor. Appreciating all genres of music, he was inspired by Bahamian legend Ronnie Butler, Reggae artist Buju Banton, and American Rap / Hip Hop artist Nas and Tupac Shakur.


Growing up, he attended concerts and listened to the latest music compilations produced by the Baker Boys. Using his own circumstances as inspiration, he made the decision to begin a career in music during the late 90's. He began performing at local talent shows and was a member of the the Rap group called C.E.O Playas that disbanded in 2001. Wanting to expand his horizons after the dissolution of the group led him to the United States where he attended St. Johns University in Minnesota. During this time he'd never given up on his love for music. Doctrine studied the music  industry, developed his skills for the Hip Hop Reggae Band D.O.C.T.R.I.N.E. This band went on to win an on campus battle of the bands competition, introducing them to major record labels and industry events around the United States. After Doctrine graduated from St. Johns with a degree in philosophy, he returned home and that group separated.


With a solo career ahead and the blessing of the other member of the group D.O.C.T.R.I.N.E, he took on the name Jah Doctrine and began working on his debut album entitled "Echos of History". The lead single from this album, "My Story", featured former member of D.O.C.T.R.I.N.E and Grand Bahamas native Vicky. After hailing the success of the song, he soon after released "Nuff Gal" and Visions of Afrika, the first song to be placed in rotation on 100 Jamz in 2008. Winter of 2009 brought the controversial song " Mr. Commisioner" which spoke of the car jacking incident involving Doctrine and his family. Doctrine has appeared on many local shows including: Power 104.5 with Kirk Johnson, Artovation with TADA on Start FM, Roots and Culture Bahamas, Bahamas at Sunrise,Controversy TV and Bahamian Entertainment TV. He has been featured on several online shows like,,,, as well as opening for international artists like Sizzla Kalonji, Capelton, Jah Cure, I-Wayne, Warrior King, zen Folds and Atmosphere. Doctrine himself has received spins from Minnesota radio KFIA and DI Radio in Atlanta.





Hailing from West End Freeport, Bahamas; Hem Benjamin Solomon born September 1st, 1976 found his voice during his early twenties.  When he and his family returned to Freeport from Bradenton, Fl in 2003; he reacquainted himself with an old friend and formed the group “Creason”. Together with the backing of Original Records they produced an album called “Jah Soldiers”. This album was never released and soon after the group split due to personal issues between the two.


Unable to deny his passion for music no longer; in 2004 Hem join forced with Lion of Judah records and Monty G where he was later introduced to the person who would become his manager Wallace “Trez” Allen. By this time Jah Hem had been the opening act for just about every international artist that has graced stages in the Bahamas. While being a regular at many recording studios in Freeport he finally completed vocals for his his own album in 2005 called “Rise & Shine”.


This Bahamian Reggae artist has a voice that can only be described as fresh, smooth, silky, rich and pure that has nationally broken boundaries with his message of love.  Gaining himself the title of Song writer and singer; his hit singles “Can’t get you outta my mind” and “Come here girl” spiraled throughout the Caribbean and touched the hearts of Reggae Lovers worldwide.  


i rate Jah Doctrine Jah Hem

Multitalented. JudahThaLion simply personifies the meaning of the word. boasting the ability to sing, rap, chat, play the guitar and whistle any tune or melody so smoothly it's as if he created a whole new language. Springing up onto the scene only recently, he's still managed to gain popularity at an steady pace. As an artist Judah premiered his talents to the world not with music, but as an actor. He's been featured in titles like "Rain" and most recently the box office hit "Get Charlie", along with various commercials and online skits.

Also the lead singer for the band known as "theTruth", his versatility as an artist continues to be stretched and strengthen in so many ways as he brings his musical talents to the forefront for the world to see.

He's graced the radio airwaves a number of times, both as a solo artist and with his band, and with one song he gave himself a timeless debut. Judah released his song "Let Me Show You A Wybe" to rave reviews and achieved almost twenty thousand views on it's music video in record time. A great feat to accomplish not only for a Bahamian, but for any recently emerging artist trying to make a way.

A widely sought after hook-man, Judah's presence on tracks like the adored "242" by Deep East Records recording artist Duckie is unlike anything the world has heard before. Though he draws inspiration from greats like Seu Jorge, Sizzla, Bob Marley and a variety of others, his style still remains his own, though ever evolving.


With a few hits under his belt, Judah has set himself on the path for great things.

Right now he says he's "still focused on building a base" and "a strong starting point" for himself as an artist. Something very important that many new artist simply forget to do.

The release of his now very popular track "Tha Hypnotist" marks Judah setting the stage for his first full length project, "Raw Talent"; titled after its maker.

He's done great things in an incredibly short time, and any eyes that may be blessed enough to fall upon him will see that what he's offering the world won't be soon forgotten.


Judah tha Lion