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With a combination of old school and new school Bahamian artist, Artist Pages on Island FM’s website seeks to educate persons about the traditional forms of Bahamian music as well as the new genres explored by the newer artist. It’s not just music; it’s our music.


Born April 22, 1984 in Great Inagua, Wendell Avione Mortimer grew up into a musical family. With a father that played in local Iguana band and uncles playing rake n scrape during the 60’s and 70’s, Avvy could not deny his passion for music. He began writing actively in 2005. With the support of his family and friends and produced his first hit single “Roach on my Bread”.  He credits his inspiration to the things he has noticed around him, relationships and family.


Playing instruments before the first grade, Avvy enjoying the traditional Bahamian rushing and is trained in playing a variety of instruments such as: drums, recorder, bass horn, trombone and baritone.  Listening to different genres of music he favors mostly the pop of Michael Jackson, the soulful feel of Otis Redding and the Reggae style of Sizzla Kalonji. The Bahamian artist he’s known to love are; Dry Bread, Ronnie Butler, Eddie Minnis, Ira Storr, Geno D, Funky D and DMac. Since he began, Avvy has released two albums “The Best Kept Secret Vol. 1 & 2.


The Brilanders

With a combination of old school and new school Bahamian artist, Artist Pages on Island FM’s website seeks to educate persons about the traditional forms of Bahamian music as well as the new genres explored by the newer artist. It’s not just music; it’s our music.

Our Artists

“Briland Sweet Aye”; Group members Larry Cleare, Chad Cleare, Wade Stewart, Troy Higgs, Gregory Higgs and Lorenzo Hutchenson. Joseph Rocky Saunders, the original leader of the band left the group in 1986 when he became a Christian and began singing gospel music. Besides the Bahamas they have a world-wide fan base, having played in London, France, Sweden and the U.S. Included in their resume is their association with Jimmy Buffet – opening for him at Margaritaville, New Orleans and touring with him during his “Fruitcakes” tour – in full Junkanoo costume.


Their first gig with the original members was in 1984. Known for songs such as “Harbour Island,” “Sweet Bahamian Music,” Pick Up The Mail,” Regatta Time Again,” and many more. The groups have performed locally for the

Coco-Cola Bash and are regulars at the highly profiled Bahamian Festival, Junkanoo in June. They were also featured on the Best of the Best Album which is a recording featuring an amalgamation of Bahamian music from some of the most dynamic and talented local entertainers. 

Cello Tha Black Pearl

Cello is inspired by the work of the Four Tops, The Temptations, Otis Redding, Isaac Hayes and Marvin Gaye.

Music has been in Cello’s heart since he was a child, when he and his family sang together in church. Surrounded by musicians, a veteran of talent shows, theater and vocal quartets, Cello was discovered at a musical competition in Nassau, by the Bahamian group Coda. Now, many years later, Cello is a solo artist in his own right, singing, writing songs, playing keyboards and producing.


While still a member of Coda. When Coda disbanded in the late 1990’s, Cello returned to Nassau, where he launched a recording studio, producing albums for major Nassau recording artists. After a lot of hard work (and a little bit of luck), Cello hooked up with a Detroit film crew filming a Bahamian sit-com. Cello came on board as the Music Supervisor and wound up landing the title role in the series. In 2001, he followed another film crew to Detroit, where he connected with the local music scene. His latest film, in which he plays a lead character, is The Ultimate, an indie release due out in 2004.

Courage Band

Formed in 1985 Stewart, Chang Imlach, Dannard Anderson and Jammie Cartwright are unofficial Bahamian ambassadors , the group entertained almost 80,00 football fans in 2004 at a Dolphins’ half-time show and had a full week of television appearances and prime time radio interviews in Miami leading up to this event.   The Courage band has been describes as the producers of “Urban Island” music, the Courage band meshes rhythm and blues with pop rock, salsa, Hip Hop, Junkanoo, Soca, and reggae to create a sound unique only to them.  


Working with artists’ such as: Beres Hammond, Ed Lover & Dr. Dre, as well as by Bahamian artists’ like as Ronnie Butler, Count Bernardino and Freddie Munnings Sr.

Count Bernadino

This Abaco native moved to Nassau during the early 1940’s. He practiced an old guitar given to him by a friend before he left Abaco. Shortly after he arrived in Nassau he was enlisted into the army shipped off to Jamaica. It is there he began playing regularly. The men would sit around and sing while Count played the guitar. During a short absence, a group of enlisted men went to a club called “The Glass Bucket” and it was there they convinced the Count to go on stage and perform. He was introduced to the pianist of the three piece band who to his amazement was of Bahamian descent but lived in Jamaica. This fellow Bahamian was none other than George Moxey.


With regular visits to “The Glass Bucket”; Bernadino learned new material and gained tremendous confidence in himself and being in front of an audience. After his discharge from the Army in 1947; The Count decided to accept an invitation from his Uncle to go to New York.


In the early 1960’s he formed a group and represented the sounds of the Bahamas in Canada. This grabs the attention of Sir. Stafford Sand; the then leader of the Bahamas Development Board to book countless amounts of gigs and gave the Count and many other Bahamian entertainers well needed exposure.


Musically I hope to bridge the gap between contemporary R&B with elements of soul, funk, hip-hop, jazz and pop. Date of birth feb 22nd 1987. Influence by Marvin Gaye, Prince, Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, Beyonce, Amerie, Kanye West, Donny Hathaway...too many other to name.


My first single "The Greatest Show" has received numerous accomplishments including, (Finalist) Best R&B

song-John Lennon Writing Competition, (Semi-finalist) best R&B song-International Songwriter of the year, which made me the only Bahamian and only Caribbean native to place in those competitions for 2011. I also performed the song at Caribbean fashion week in New York among many other performances

Cyril "Dry Bread" Ferguson

With a fusion of goombay, calypso and Junkanoo rhythms, Cyril “Dry Bread” Ferguson was first influenced by music he heard at church as a young boy.  Living on the settlement of Cat Island; he quickly learned the way of the family island folks. Living with no refrigerator, raising chickens and ravaging the bushes for food became a part of his daily life. In later years being in spired by what he has seen and heard on the island he grew up, he moved to Freeport and formed a band that performed at local talent shows, visited various Family Islands and the Turks and Caicos to perform his act.


On a trip to Bimini, Bahamas he was inspired to write a song called “Don’t Squeeze the Mango” when he stopped off at a convenience store where the sales lady hastily told him to “Hurry up, don’t squeeze the Mango”.  Cyril decided to return to the College of the Bahamas to enhance his knowledge of music and returned to the musical scene to record and continues to make contributions to his country. Producing hits like “Bahamian Music”, “Sweet Ting in the Can” and six albums to date; He admits music has not always paid off financially but he has always stood out as one of the best Bahamian Musicians of his generation. 

Errol "The Duke" Strachan

Although his musical practice began in the early 1940’s; Errol “The Duke” Strachan was a tailor, mechanic, carpenter and a taxi driver. But Errol could not deny his musical passion any longer.  Music and entertainment is what made Duke Errol the hottest musical commodity among the locals as well as the bulging tourist market in the 1950’s and onward.

In 1959 Duke formed his own band “Errol Strachan Quintet” later renames “Duke Errol and the Lords,” consisting of Washington Collie, Fletch Ferguson, John Gibson(brother of King Eric)Fernandez from Trinidad, who played base and steel drum. The Duke is credited to forming The National Youth Orchestra as training musicians such as Nigel Clarke, James Percentie, Lynden Sand, Lenny Moore Anthony Ritchie and much more.

Eddie Minnis

Self taught Bahamian artist, singer and songwriter Eddie  Minnis was born October 14th, 1947 and was educated at St. John's College and Government High School in Nassau, Bahamas. After the completion of his High School Education  he found he had an interest in Architecture and made his way to Montreal, Canada where he attended McGill University. It was here he gained a Bachelors Degree of Science in Architecture in 1971 when he graduated.  


However, since his first love had always been painting, he decided to pursue a career in art instead of architecture. Eddie has mastered many different platforms of art such as ink, water colors pastels, and has mastered the technique of oil painting with the palette knife which he perfected in 1965. Eddie's paintings are strikingly 3-dimensional in appearance and vibrate with the bright colour and light of The Bahamas. Mr. Minnis held one man shows in 1969, 1972,1976 and 1986, has participated in numerous group shows both locally and abroad, and his works are in private collections in many parts of the world including the U.S.A., Canada, Britain, Australia and Korea.


In 1970 he created a cartoon that made a seven year appearance in the Nassau Guardian and four years in The Tribune. By the time 1971 rolled around he then began recording music, carving another notch under his belt. He now has 11calypso albums to his credit - "Der Real Ting", "Nicole and Shan an ...", "Island Life", "Mind Your Own Business", "Junkanoo Jam", "Guilty", "Hey Mon", "Discovery", and "Greatest Hits I ,II and III.

EddieMinnis1 Dry_Bread15 Dash count b cello-pearl courage

Elon Moxey

Born in Pinder’s, Mangrove Cay where he spent his early years, Elon has been dabbling in music at an early age and has always aspired to become a singer/musician.


At the age of 14 Elon relocated to West End, Grand Bahama where he got a job as a waiter and simultaneously worked at his music. However it would be over four decades before he experienced a peak in his career. His most popular hits to date are “Oh, My Andros and Catch the Crab”.

elon brilanders DukeErrol_NewSounds1a_small

Eugene "Geno D" Davis

Also known as “Geno D” was born in March 27, 1960 in Moore’s Island, Abaco Eugene Davis as a child always found joy in performing for his family on various occasions. His first professional performance was at a talent show at The Palace in the 1980’s.


In 1995 he left his job at ZNS as a broadcaster to pursue a career in music.  Inspired by Bahamian artist such as Blind Blake, George Symonette, Ronnie Butler, Tony McKay and the  Obeah Man he went on to produce chart topping albums such as: “Unveiled”, “Island Vibes” and “Golden Oldies Bahamian Style”. His most popular songs are “Stagger Lee”, “Gal if I had you”, "Drunk Again", "The Road Them Dig Up" and many others.


Ricardo Neeley a.k.a Barz Noble is an upcoming Bahamian hip-hop artist equipped with a passion to deliver a message through the medium of music. If anyone should wonder "why the name Barz Noble?" It actually has a two fold meaning. The word "Barz" - refers to the musical and artistic aspect connected to the delivery while the word "Noble", involves character or distinction that identifies the voice of content within the delivery by which the artists' desite to purposefully convey the message of hope and to inform with a relevent yet spiritual foundation. The phrase "insightful poetics through spoken word and rhyme over composed beats" is what one can be describes or coined in a nutshell whenever you get to hear from Barz Noble sound.

Being involved with local compilations projects which includes FAM Records ENtertainment "We are Famil" & Dunamus

Ball LP's under the moniker Delyricks featuring Miff and Shan in the early stages. He is presently preparing for the release of his freshman solo release entitled the "Symphonic Signatures." Not resting on his laurels in the mindset that the music doesn't stop on one album but continues recording both solo and collaborative for future follow ups with number of established and upcoming producers both on the local scene summing up his motto in his upcoming freshman album's intro " To reaffirm and Establish God's Way of Thinking Expressed Through the Means of Lyrical Edification

Barz Noble

Barz Noble