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Bahamian Artist of the Month, Bodine  Johnson

ChocQuib Town

    Int'l Artist of the Month

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ISLAND FM’s objective is to present to the Bahamian community a type of programming that will enhance the local listener’s appreciation of its worth while making visitors to The Bahamas feel at home.


Simply put, to continue to achieve a position in the marketplace that, whenever a guest to our Island asks any local resident where he can get the biggest slice of Bahamiana, the answer is made automatically and without hesitation, “ISLAND FM!”

ISLAND FM is an idea whose time continues to blossom. Its commercial programming is widely accepted across all demographic lines and while radio advertising has been Island FM’s primary avenue of selling in The Bahamas, with the introduction of this, our new website, we look forward to venturing into the online market while providing advertisers and listeners alike with the same professionalism as we always have and bringing some Island flavour to the world wide web.


In short the true advantage of ISLAND FM is that we know what you want to hear when it comes to “our music” while also being experts in the advertising terrain of the Bahamas. We expect and continue to set the standard wherever our presence is felt, because at ISLAND FM we are not only up to the challenge; we look forward to it!

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Welcome to the home of Bahamian Music on the web. As the online presence for the first All Bahamian, All Caribbean radio station in The Bahamas, you can expect to find the same authentic Bahamian experience on our website. You can listen to our programming live, catch up on latest news and even buy music all on the Home of Bahamian Music, The Island.  Read more below.